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The violence of Dalit feminist standpoint and Dalit patriarchy

sruthi soas

  Sruthi Herbert (Round Table India and SAVARI have been hosting a series of online talks by activists and thinkers on issues of importance to the Bahujan. This is the transcript of Dr Sruthi Herbert’s talk on June 13th, 2020) Hi everyone! Thank you all for being here to have this discussion. The topic for …


COVID19 response: the immorality of it all

sruthi wfh covid

  Sruthi Herbert  (SAVARI and Round Table India are doing a series to put together the Bahujan perspective on the Coronavirus pandemic) Anu: The pandemic has thrown up so many conflicting discourses, tell us about the most troubling ones for you? Sruthi: I want to start talking about the immorality of our times that this …


Release of ‘What Babasaheb Ambedkar Means to Me’ eBook: Get your free copy!

babasaheb bookcover 1

  The Shared Mirror Publishing House We are happy to share news of the release of our second book. ‘What Babasaheb Means to Me’ is an edited volume that compiles articles by authors on Round Table India and Savari. Here is an excerpt from the preface of the book edited by Sruthi Herbert, Chetana Sawai and Gurinder Azad: “… This …


The Written World and Dalit Bahujan and Adivasi Women – SAVARI’s Editor Sruthi Herbert

sruthi video interview

  Gurinder Azad SAVARI describes itself as: “We are adivasi, bahujan and dalit women. Here we share our thoughts about our lives and the society we live in, including conflicts with the self, family and community. These are perspectives from our history, and our dreams for the future. Here we are in conversations with each …


London launch of Hatred in the belly

london launch

  [Via Murali Shanmugavelan] We invite you to the London launch of ‘Hatred in the belly: Politics behind the appropriation Dr Ambedkar’s writings‘ by the Ambedkar Age Collective on 6th June, 2016, at SOAS, University of London, Russell Square campus. The book is the powerful response by a number of Dalit-Bahujan writers to Arundhati Roy’s ‘much-needed-introduction’ …


A dissent note on the ‘Dark is Beautiful’ campaign

sruthi h

  Sruthi Herbert “She is so fair that to look at her, you wouldn’t say she is an SC girl”. The ‘Dark is Beautiful’ campaign got a big fillip with its endorsement by Nandita Das, who no doubt, has experienced the bias that the movie industry has against dark-skinned people. One kept having nagging doubts …