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How did we get here?

Sruthi Herbert

  Sruthi Herbert Last week, social media saw an outburst from a couple of women who identify as feminists. They felt that the caste/gender question had been not been sufficiently addressed in their campus spaces, and that men had been stifling them, particularly the men active in anti-caste groups. What, in all probability, have been …


London launch of Hatred in the belly

london launch

  [Via Murali Shanmugavelan] We invite you to the London launch of ‘Hatred in the belly: Politics behind the appropriation Dr Ambedkar’s writings‘ by the Ambedkar Age Collective on 6th June, 2016, at SOAS, University of London, Russell Square campus. The book is the powerful response by a number of Dalit-Bahujan writers to Arundhati Roy’s ‘much-needed-introduction’ …