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Training School For Entrance To Politics – Admission Notification

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  Admission NotificationPOLITICAL SCHOOL BATCH 2017-18 One Year Residential Training for the Youths Interested in Politics TRAINING SCHOOLFOR ENTRANCE TO POLITICSJalandhar, Punjab (India) 60 years ago, the champion of social justice Dr. B R Ambedkar with his thirty long years experience in active politics established ‘Training School for Entrance to Politics’ in July 1956 to …


D.C. Ahir: A Legend in Buddhist and Ambedkar Studies


  Shiv Shankar Das Diwan Chand Ahir (28 Feb, 1928 – 12 July, 2012), a great researcher on Buddhism and Dr. Ambedkar who published 72 books, would be always remembered among the academicians and researchers all over the world. His association with Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar left a great impact on him and his works. He …


Buddhism in Lucknow: History and Culture from Alternative Sources


Shiv Shankar Das The history of Buddhism in India was brought back in its glory mainly by the colonial period’s excavations, when many statues and other Buddhist symbols were found by archeologists. Besides, the Bhikkhus who came to India, chiefly Bhikkhu Dhammapal, Bodhanand and Pragyanand, from Sri Lanka during the last and the first quarter …


Buddhism and Politics in Uttar Pradesh: Recent Developments (Part II)


  Shiv Shankar Das ( Continued from here) The promotion of Buddhist cultural symbols in public sphere by Mayawati led government is driven by the following three strong factors. 1. The Ideology of Kanshi Ram (1934-2006): Cultural Change is a Durable Change Kanshi Ram’s ideology to emancipate the Bahujan Samaj is very important to understand …


Buddhism and Politics in Uttar Pradesh: Recent Developments


  Shiv Shankar Das Abstract: The present research note highlights the relationship and the reasons behind the association between the lower caste politics and Buddhism in Uttar Pradesh, the most populated state in India next only to China, United States, Brazil and Russia. There are three reasons behind this association. First, the currently ruling Bahujan Samaj Party’s founder …