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A Dalit Teacher’s Successful Crusade against Caste and Corruption

prem chand vimal

  Rahul Kumar Prem Chand “Vimal” has been fighting against autocracy and corruption in the Education Department of Delhi for nearly three decades and has won in about ten such instances. These include one case in the High Court, two in the District Court, twice in the Centre Administrative Tribunal (CAT), and five times in …


Medium of Instruction in Goan Schools: Mother Tongue or Multilingualism?

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  Open Letter to the Goan government’s Advisory Committee on Medium of Instruction  Jason Keith FernandesR. Benedito FerrãoAlbertina AlmeidaAmita KanekarDale Luis MenezesAnjali ArondekarNandita de SouzaAnibel Ferus-ComeloSujata NoronhaChrissie D’Costa This letter is pursuant to an email that was dispatched to the Advisory Committee on Medium of Instruction on 12 October, 2013. Before we proceed, however, we …


Caste determines everything in campuses everywhere in the country: Dr Rakesh Sammauria

rakesh sammauria

  Neel Kranti Media (First published in the ‘Dalit and Adivasi Students’ Portal’ as ‘Dr Rakesh Sammauria: For a teacher his integrity is very important’ in 2010) Dr. Rakesh Sammauria, age 37 years, is an Associate Professor (Agronomy) at Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur, Rajasthan. Currently he is working at All India Coordinated …