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Only Manuwadi Hindutva gang can burn Indian Constitution


  Jadumani Mahanand The first ‘fundamental duty’ of the Indian Constitution states: To abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the National Flag and the National Anthem. Even though the fundamental duties are non-justiciable, the burning of the Indian constitution could be called as ‘anti-national’*, because it’s the Constitution which formally legitimises …


‘Khaps should be named as terrorists’

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  Ravi Chandran Continued from here. (This is the second part of the excerpts of the interview with Paul Divakar, conducted by Ravi Chandran of Dalit Camera: Through Un-touchable Eyes)   {youtube}ZCNMTY_3s9w{/youtube}   Paul Divakar: The one thing that stands out among the northern states is the lack of Dalit social movements and their assertion. If …


Andhra Pradesh Dalits and Adivasis marching towards achieving Statutory Status for SCP and TSP


Karthik Navayan SC, ST Sub-Plan Nidhula Saadhana Ikya Kaaryacharana Committee (United Action Committee to claim SC, ST Sub-Plan Funds) was formed under the leadership of Sri Kaki Madhava Rao, Former Chief Secretary, Government of Andhra Pradesh as its chairman and Retired Justice K. Ramaswamy as adviser. Retired IAS Officers Sri B. Danam, Sri K.R. Venu …


Another Gohana: Dalit Bastis ransacked in Salwan village of Karnal

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(Based on a Fact Finding report first posted in the Google group NCDHR, in March 2007) A Fact Finding Team of Human Rights Defenders and Social Activists from National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights was formed with a mandate to Investigate into the reports of Salwan village of Karnal district, carried in several news papers and electronic Media …