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“I am ready to go. I have no fear”: Chhatrapati Shahu


“I am ready to go. I have no fear.”— Chhatrapati Shahu (A reply to Abhinav Chandrachud regarding the chapter on Chhatrapati Shahu in his book  ‘These seats are reserved’. ) Dr. Bhushan Amol Darkase “In fact, there is evidence that the British might have provoked Shahu to take strong actions against the Brahmins in Kolhapur …


Jotiba Phule and Dr. Ambedkar: Understanding their connection

Jotiba Phule and Dr.Ambedkar: Understanding their connection (Part-I) Speaking on the occasion of his Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Dr. Ambedkar remarked:  “I am a devotee of Gautam Buddha, Kabir and Mahatma Phule and worshiper of learning, self-respect and character.” [1] Out of his three gurus, he had explicitly written about his connection with Buddha and Kabir. …


A Life Lived Well, and Lessons Thereof


Braj Ranjan Mani Jotirao Phule, and his wife Savitribai, declared war on brahmanic-casteist culture and religion. This Maharashtrian couple presented the first major anti-caste ideology and led a mass activism against the ascriptive norms and values. Their distinct brand of socio-cultural radicalism was based on uniting all the oppressed, whom they would call stree-shudra-atishudra. (Literally, …