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Dharna by Salvation Army Community Welfare Association in Trivandrum


  James Martin, Salvation Army Community Welfare Association (SACWA)  Protest Dharna by Salvation Army Community Welfare Association (SACWA), Kowdiar, Trivandrum (Kerala) The Salvation Army is an evangelical church which is both a religious and a charitable organization. The church members are mostly Dalits and other economically backward people. But the recent activities of this church-cum-charity organisation …


Dalit Christian Pastors protest state of Salvation Army in Tamil Nadu

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  [Received the following communication from the Affected Retchanya Senai Retired Officers (i.e. Retired Tamil Dalit Christian Pastors in Tamil Nadu)] ~ For the kind attention of Soldiers, Local Officers, Divisional & THQ Officers and Leaders of The Salvation Army, South Eastern Territory, India:  Are you aware that the present administration of the Salvation Army …