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Dalit Graduation Celebration at Cheyur, Kanchi district


Dalit Graduation Celebration 10th November, 2012, at Cheyyur, Kanchi District [Via Paulraj Dayanandan] THUDI has organized four Dalit Graduation Celebrations since 2009. More than 500 people from all over India gathered at Chennai to felicitate 100 first generation college graduates and 200 school students and honor five outstanding Dalit achievers. Right Livelihood Award recipient Dr. …


Woman power in Dalit movements

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  Chandra Bhan Prasad (First published in The Pioneer in October 2001) I do not wish to refer to Ms Mayawati, the pride of the Dalit movement today, who has single-handedly redefined the grammar of cowbelt politics. Yes, Kanshi Ram did “introduce” her but don’t male politicians require mentors, too? I am talking about other …