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Review of Dr. Savita Ambedkar’s ‘Babasaheb — My Life with Dr. Ambedkar’

Book Review: “Babasaheb My Life with Dr. Ambedkar” by Dr. Savita Ambedkar translated from the Marathi by Nadeem Khan Rajesh Chandra Kumar & Vinay Damodar Dr. Savita Ambedkar, formerly known as Dr. Sharada Kabir, was born into a middle-class Saraswat Brahmin family and met Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar while he was a patient suffering from a …


Education as an instrument against Caste: Contemporary challenges

rajesh chandra kumar

  Rajesh Chandra Kumar “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world” ~ Nelson Mandela. “For want of education their intellect deteriorated, for want of intellect their morality decayed, for want of morality their progress stopped, for want of progress their wealth vanished. All their sorrows sprang from illiteracy”. ~ Mahatma Jotiba …