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Beauty Bias: Confronting Prejudices based on Skin Tone

Kavita Janbandhu The concept of beauty is a social construct. It is founded on societally accepted ideas that have become ingrained in our systems and psyches and are accepted as the norm. These ideals of beauty gradually become imprinted in our minds on a micro level, influencing how we act. There is a two-way link …


Why so Serious Men?

ankit ramteke

  Ankit Ramteke Oh, it is a movie about caste issues, progress, and all that. How nice! Do you know the talented Siddiqui is playing an assertive but cunning Tamil Dalit? Wow, As a caste-less, conformist, populist liberal, I am already experiencing a filmgasm. After years of rottenly skewed representation of these Achut, Neech, Bangi, …


‘North-East’: A Myth

veewon thokchom

Veewon Thokchom In India the term popularly called the “North-East,” used by the White British colonizers to refer to a part of the then province (Assam) under its rule, Northeast Frontier Area (NEFA), later inherited by the new Brown Indian rulers post 1947, has become a brand, a manufactured decorative term, a spatial concept where …