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Crumbling Social Justice and the Need for Representative Higher Judiciary

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  Dr. Ayaz Ahmad  and Dr. Yogesh Pratap Singh This article attempts to explain the discursive role of higher judiciary in shaping the constitutional discourse on reservation which finally culminated in the form of 103rd constitutional amendment for upper-caste quota. Such patent assault on constitutional goals of social justice through the Supreme Court and the …


‘When is the ‘revolution’ going to come for Dalit Bahujans?’

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  Rahul Sonpimple (His reply to an open letter addressed to him by Umar Khalid, student leader of JNU) I am new to this culture of open letters, I wonder if I will get one after my every speech. At the outset, let me state that I am not writing this reply to defend myself, …


Agitation for OBC Reservation at Delhi University


[Statement Forwarded by Anoop Patel, AIBSF] A group of students and teachers of Delhi University staged a protest demonstration in front of Ramjas College. A delegation met the Principal, Ramjas College and put forward their demands. After staging the demonstration the group marched to the office of the Dean of Students’ Welfare (Delhi University) and continued …


Letter to Mr. Kapil Sibal, MHRD/ Regarding OBC reservation

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To, Hon’ble Shri Kapil Sibal Human Resource Development Minister Government of India Subject: Regarding OBC quota implementation in Delhi University. Sir, We wish to draw your attention to the news item that appeared in different newspapers on October 7, 2011. The headline in The Hindustan Times says – HC asks DU to convert 50 vacant …