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Massive Agitation of All-India SC/ST Employees for Reservation in Promotion

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Nikhil Sablania 22 August 2012. Today, Rashtriya Dalit Panchayat and All India SC/ST Railway Employees Association held a mass rally at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to protest against the Uttar Pradesh government for accepting the Supreme Court order that declared as unconstitutional a section of the Uttar Pradesh Public Service (reservation for SC, ST …


Protest Against Scrapping of Quota in Promotions


Nikhil Sablania (Compiled from his daily updates, in social media, on the protest) 5th August 2012. Today, Scheduled Caste activists from Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have started protesting in Delhi against scrapping of reservation (quota in promotions) in those states. The protest was initiated by World Dalit Council and All India Chamar Mahar Jatav Mahasabha. 


Dalit or Scheduled Caste: A Terminological Choice


Gail Omvedt (Posted yesterday on her blog, ‘seeking begumpura’) The Thorat Committee has recommended that the term “dalit” used in textbooks should be expunged and replaced by the legalistic terminology “scheduled caste.” The reasoning for this is not clear. “Dalit” has become partly a controversial term, and it is true that not all who fall …


Bhagana’s Dalits Demand Justice in Delhi


Excluded from Society and Victims of State Repression, Dalits Demonstrate in Delhi for Justice Neel Kranti Desk (Translated from Hindi by Gurinder Azad) {youtube}EWHjBCL_m3Q{/youtube} While Delhi and its outskirts are facing 45 degrees temperatures and people are retreating into homes, offices and cars with air-conditioning, Dalits from Bhagana village (Haryana) have reached Delhi covering a …