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Ideology of English

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  Kuffir Nalgundwar It isn’t about the English language. It is about what the votaries of English medium education, primarily in government schools in India [want]. It is already there in private schools. There are very few private regional language schools left. Just looking at the stats also, now there are nearly 1.5 million schools …


Medium of Instruction in Goan Schools: Mother Tongue or Multilingualism?

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  Open Letter to the Goan government’s Advisory Committee on Medium of Instruction  Jason Keith FernandesR. Benedito FerrãoAlbertina AlmeidaAmita KanekarDale Luis MenezesAnjali ArondekarNandita de SouzaAnibel Ferus-ComeloSujata NoronhaChrissie D’Costa This letter is pursuant to an email that was dispatched to the Advisory Committee on Medium of Instruction on 12 October, 2013. Before we proceed, however, we …