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We the People: Deepening Democracy through Transparency and Accountability

pranav jeevan p

Pranav Jeevan P The Right to Know, the Right to Live Accountability and transparency from government officials is essential for proper functioning of our democracy. These ideas ensure that power is not concentrated in the hands of a few officials and that they are always answerable to the people, giving the word public ‘servant’ its …


Why Bhatta Ram should become ‘President’ of TISS SU 2019-20

nitin daktode

  Nitin Dhaktode I met Bhatta Ram for the first time at the Interaction Programme organised by the Ambedkarite Students’ Association in July, 2018. A sharp-looking boy, he was sitting among the students, listening to every word carefully. Once you meet him you will not forget his appearance. After that meeting, I was away for my …