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Urban development policy in India and exclusion of Dalit-Bahujans

Manoj Madame The social and economic landscape of India has been profoundly altered by urbanization. Indian cities have experienced unprecedented urbanization over the past few decades, as millions of people have left rural areas in search of better opportunities. In cities and towns, new industries have developed, services have expanded, and employment opportunities have been …


Covid-19 And Caste Stigma: From Bahujan Women’s Standpoint

Manoj Madame Source: Migrant workers and their families walking home during the first lockdown. (PTI 2020) Covid-19 and Caste stigma: From Bahujan Women’s Standpoint The entire world has been suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic since the virus broke out in China in October 2019. And most health professionals have suggested maintaining social distance and physical …