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Unveiling Dominance: Caste Atrocities on Neo-Buddhists & the Struggle for Equality in Ahmednagar

Ankush Uttam Helode Maharashtra is a state where the dominant Maratha caste has wielded significant political and economic control. David Mandelbaum termed this dominant caste as having a “self-image as rulers.” However, this perception  did not shifted after independence when Marathas became a majority and gained dominance in various areas. Despite constitutional and legal safeguards, …


The Origin of Dalit Feminist Literature: Mukta Salve, the First Voice of Dalit Feminism

mukta salve

  Shivani Waldekar 165 years ago, one young Dalit girl strongly criticised brahminical hegemony and the hierarchal oppressive social structure. She questioned and critically examined caste, class, gender and religion and that empirical data continues to remain very relevant today, as they were in 1855. She strongly believed that education is the only path which …


A March for Reason

subodh minto

Subodh Minto The month of March in the year 2014, brought India closer to the next general elections, which were due in April and May. The failure of policies of Indian National Congress led UPA II Government raised hopes of the chief opposition, the Bharatiya Janata Party, a Hindutva (Brahmanic) force which was trying to …


जय भवानी-जय शिवाजी ते जय भीम-जय जोतिबा

tejas 2 harad

  तेजस हरड (Tejas Harad) १४ एप्रिल म्हणजे महामानव भारतरत्न डॉक्टर बाबासाहेब भीमराव रामजी आंबेडकर यांची जयंती. आम्ही जिकडे राहतो त्या ठिकाणी अनेक शाळकरी मुले आहेत ज्यांचा आमच्या घरात सतत राबता असतो. मी जयंतीनिमित्त मुलांना सोबत घेऊन बाबासाहेबांच्या आयुष्यावर एक छोटेखानी नाटक बसवावं असा विचार केला होता पण ऑफिसच्या गडबडीत ते जमलं नाही. पण जयंतीच्या …


Battle of Bhima Koregaon, Mahar Legacy and Contemporary Politics

nitin daktode

Nitin Dhaktode It is  to rvieting to witness the ‘Akhil Bhartiya Brahman Mahasangh (ABBM) and Udaysinh Peshwa, a descendant of the Peshwas, ask the Pune police to deny permission for the Shaniwar Wada (‘Elgar Parishad’)event. Despite the fact that permission was granted by the Pune Municipal Corporation and Police Department, the Brahmanical organisations submitted their …