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Jayanti: The story of a revolutionary transformation

Nikhil Image

  Nikhil Walde Jayanti is a very unique movie in Marathi Cinema that touches the very core of Ambedkar’s philosophy and his vision of ‘Educate, Agitate and Organise’. The movie is directed by Shailesh Narwade who is an Ambedkarite and the cast is from the Bahujan community. In this way, this movie is an insider’s …


Create Dalit Economy the way Dalit Sahitya was created: Chandra Bhan Prasad


  Chandra Bhan Prasad and Pushpendra Johar in a discussion: this is a part of the series of interviews, talks, articles that SAVARI and Round Table India are trying to put together to gather the Bahujan perspective on the Coronavirus pandemic. This is the second part of the discussion; the first part is here.  Pushpendra: …


Spectacle of Crisis: Coronavirus pandemic and the disease of Casteism-Brahmanism in India

subodh kunwer

  Subodh Kunwer Has the Corona virus pandemic become something other than a medical subject/disease? The handling of this pandemic brought many crises, events and spectacles to the fore. While on one side lives of people are being lost, on the other we are witnessing the theatrical, performative aspect of the pandemic. Jennifer Cooke in …


Akkitham’s Jnanpith: No genocide without poetry


  Umar Nizar The most political of India’s literary awards, the Jnanpith has went to a chip off the old feudal coconut block, Akkitham Achuthan Nambudiri. This was long predicted, even before CAB was a twinkle in the right wing eye. Akkitham is one of those rarities in the right wing intelligentsia that he has …


Flowers on the Grave of Caste by Yogesh Maitreya


  Nikhil Sanjay-Rekha Adsule The hands  Confined  To pull Dead carcasses,  Started to write  And, and  They wrote poems  Beautiful stories  Of their lives.                     – Yogesh Maitreya, ‘The Bridge of Migration’ The above lines by the poet-writer Yogesh Maitreya, themselves mark an assertion of a new …