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The Brahmanisation of Textbooks in Karnataka

Redant The textbook revision committee for classes 1-10 constituted by the Karnataka state government and headed by Rohith Chakrathirtha has created a storm in the state. Apart from the derisive insults that Chakrathirtha has made against leading Dalit-Bahujan writers and activists, his sexist posts on social media have also gone viral.[i] The committee has also …


AHINDA: Missed Opportunities and Radical Possibilities

pranava k

Pranav Kuttaiah The Karnataka elections of 2018 will be remembered for a number of reasons. Notwithstanding the post-election drama of hastily built coalitions, gubernatorial bias, midnight hearings at the Supreme Court, attempted horse-trading, floor tests and everything in-between, the election itself provided enough fodder to have political scientists scratching their heads trying to make sense …