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Charisma without Organizational Leadership is Abortive for Dalit Politics

rahul sonpimple 2021

Rahul Sonpimple Charisma is elusive yet the most common term to define leadership. Charismatic leadership is usually perceived as essential and assenting, specifically in politics. However, the history of charismatic leadership may not allow one to continue with such romanticism. Nazism led by Hitler and Italian Fascism led by Mussolini are the two most discussed …


Nation of Caste: Can India Tolerate A Dalit Prime Minister?


  Rahul Sonpimple I was told that I couldn’t rent the bicycle that day. All entries to our basti (slum) were blocked by the police. I was eighteen then. I insisted, but Namdeo, the cycle wala (shop owner), didn’t even bother to look at me and hurriedly shut the shop. With all his ferocity and …


Chintu Kumari’s flawed defense of the Left

murali ramathoti

  Murali Ramathoti The essence of Chintu Kumari’s response, that “The left and the Ambedkarite movements need Debate and Unity”, is to say that CPIML Liberation’s (henceforth Liberation) struggle focuses not only on economic lines but on social lines too, i.e. on caste, feudal pride, women’s degradation etc. To justify her argument she narrated the …