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Dalits Protest in New Delhi against Laxmipeta Massacre

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Dalits Protest in New Delhi against Laxmipeta Massacre on 6th September Neel Kranti Media On 12th June, this year, at Laxmipeta, Andhra Pradesh, another chapter was added in the long list of massacres of Dalits by dominant castes in “Independent” India when men and women from Kapu caste attacked Dalits from the same village, killing …


Wherever Dalits assert themselves, there is a massacre!


  Ravi Chandran All the atrocities committed on Dalits are a result of Dalit assertion. This was also exposed on the intellectual level recently, when some Dalits theorized on the Ambedkar cartoon and the non-Dalit intellectuals joined hands for an all out war against them; in this too they found a few amenable Dalit intellectuals …


Karamchedu in Lakshimpeta


Kathi Padma Rao (This is a translation of his recent article ‘Lakshimpetalo ‘Karamchedu”) The oppression of the Dalits continues unabated in the state. Whichever dominant castes are in power, people belonging to those castes continue to conduct violent attacks on the Dalits. When NTR was in power, six Dalits were brutally killed in Karamchedu, his …


We will agitate for the arrest of the Lakshimpeta killers


[This is a translation of the statement on the Lakshimpeta massacre issued by social, human rights organizations and activists on 17th June 2012 – Round Table India] On 12th June, 2012, caste arrogant Toorpu Kapus, misidentified as BCs, carried out a murderous attack on the Malas of Lakshimpeta village in Vangara mandal of Srikakulam district …