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The Journey of School Education for Bahujan and Impact of NEP 2020

Naaz k

  Naaz Khair   The National Education Policy, 2020 (NEP2020) has been approved by the Union Cabinet as of 29th July, 2020. The National Education Policies of 1968, 1986 and Plan of Action of 1992 preceded NEP 2020. Prior to 1976, education was a state subject. Questions have been raised as to why NEP 2020 …


NEP 2019: School Education, Implications for Bahujans


Naaz Khair The process of compromising the education system of the Country began in the mid-80s, preceding the Structural Adjustment Program, (SAP), which was introduced in 1991, and continuing throughout the duration of SAP and beyond. A much talked about consequence of this compromise was how the problem of poor Pupil-Teacher Ratio (PTR) was addressed …