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Janlokpal bill: a brahmanic and patriarchal script (part 2)


  Anu Ramdas  Continued from here Myth making traditions are uncannily similar in wars and movements of the dominant classes, even before the enemy has been clearly identified, weapons get fashioned. That the JLB is a weapon against the national ‘enemy’ is very clear. But who is this enemy? In other words, who are the …


Jan Lokpal Bill Contains Draconian Clauses

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Press release by Citizens for Social Justice   Jan Lokpal Bill Contains Draconian Clauses. Team Anna’s Civil Society Does Not Represent the Nation. Let 2014 General Election Decide on Jan Lokpal Bill. Citizens for Social Justice consisting of Prof Kancha Ilaiah, Dr. John Dayal – member of National Integration Council, Dr. Joseph D’souza – President …


Corruption, an empty signifier: the need for a Bahujan Lokpal Bill

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  Khalid Anis Ansari I agree broadly that a caste slant will not help much even when it is writ large in the agenda of the forces that are supporting Anna. This is out and out a populist movement and populism has coexisted along with formal democracies right since its inception. In a way populism …