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Kanshiram Memorial Lecture

Kanshiram Memorial Lecture

  Till the time we won’t be successful in politics and not able to have power in our hands, the social and economic transformation is not possible. Political Power is the key to success. (Manyavar Kanshiram, 1998) On the occasion of the 85th Birth Anniversary of Manyavar Kanshiram Saheb, the Organizing Committee of Kanshiram Memorial …


Casteless Academe, Name-calling Dalits?


Anu Ramdas Adivasi, dalit and lower shudra women are more often co-workers in the fields, kilns, mines, factories and neighborhoods than co-learners and professionals in institutions and organizations. The reverse is true for women belonging to upper castes. Majority of women are caught in manual occupations and only a tiny section of women get to …