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Dalits and dichotomy of the Ganesh festival

kavita chohan

Kavita Chohan  I am from Haryana. I have been living in Ambedkar’s bhumi Mumbai since the past two years. This is a great time for me to have come in contact with Ambedkarites. I have come to understand that there are various shades and layers to the term ‘Ambedkarism’. Ambedkarism is a remarkable and dynamic …


Hindu festivals and dilemma of Ambedkarites

pratik tembhurne

Pratik Tembhurne It’s the festival season. Time for celebrations, get-togethers, delicacies and wait – rituals. Here begins the confusion among some groups. What do rituals mean? When the term rituals get attached to all the fun, another word gets to be added. Yes, the rituals are Hindu rituals. In local dialect, the rituals are often …



savarna avarana women

  Vruttant Manwatkar रसिक-रोमानी दिन है आएँहंगामे का ‘फैशन’ लाएँ.“अभिव्यक्ति की आज़ादी दो!”जीने का हक़ भाड़ में जाये. क्रांति दम्भ में लाल जवानीरंग, उत्सव में बदलती है. आज भी जब जब चौराहे परअवर्ण औरत जलती है.


Why Beef and Pork Food Festival at JNU?


The New Materialists Comrades, we have recently seen the Janmastami celebrations in JNU by right wing and casteist forces i.e. ABVP and NSUI in many places of JNU. Celebration of the Hindu festivals (in the name of celebrating Culture) is the act of enhancing and strengthening the caste system. Krishna, the god of Hindus who …