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ASA Statement in Solidarity with TISS Hyderabad GOI PMS Students

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  Educate!!! Agitate!!! Organize!!! AMBEDKARITE STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION (ASA) TATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (TISS), MUMBAI-88 Statement in Solidarity with TISS Hyderabad GOI PMS Students and condemning the SINE DIE decision of the TISS HYBD Administration and appropriation of GOI PMS issues by the Non-GOI PMS Students We hereby write this statement after in consultation with …


TISS Student Politics: Duality of Position and Stand

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  Deepak Kumar Nanda The foremost question in the current TISS Students’ Union 2019-20 elections in Mumbai campus  should have been: what happened to the promise of ‘snatching away’ of the fee waiver of the Government of India Post-Matric Scholarship students in Hostel and Dining Hall? Especially, since the very same group—which promised to fight …


Statement of Adivasi Students’ Forum (ASF), TISS

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JOHAR TISS/ ADIVASI STUDENTS’ FORUM’S (ASF) STATEMENTTATA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES 28th April 2018.  Why Tata Institute of Social Sciences should not ask Hostel and Dining Hall charges from the eligible GoI- PMS students belonging to ST/SC/ OBC (NC) communities?  67th Day of STRIKE!  Our Struggle Continues…!! The results for the various M.A. programs at …


Good enough to be studied, but not to study: NT/DNT students in TISS


  Arati Kade     Prior to 21st February 2018, I was one of those students who would sit in their rooms or in the library and study, who did not get involved in any political or cultural activities in college, and who never felt comfortable talking to other students in college. But on 20th …


32 Days of Students’ Protests in TISS #injusTISS

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  TISS Alumni  Letter of Solidarity by TISS Alumni March 23, 2018. This date marks the completion of a month of students’ protests over the withdrawal of fee waivers to Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Other Backward Caste – Non Creamy Layer (OBC-NC) students availing Government of India Post Matric Scholarship (GoI-PMS) in …


In solidarity with TISS students: Dr. Ambedkar Society, SOAS

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  Dr. Ambedkar Society, SOAS In solidarity with TISS students fighting the onslaught of castiest forces on access to education  Dr. Ambedkar Society, SOAS, condemns the casteist onslaught on Dalit, Adivasi and OBC students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) campuses across India by denying them access to Post Matric Scholarship. We stand in …


Ambedkarite Students Condemn TISS Administration’s Attempts to Delegitimize Ongoing Protest

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  Date 4/3/2018. Statement from Ambedkarite Students Condemning TISS Administration’s Attempts to Delegitimise Ongoing Protest at all campuses  We the Ambedkarite Students strongly condemn and disapprove the act of a few Students’ Union members and the Administration in their effort to call off the ongoing protest at all the campuses of TISS. This is not …


Oppose the scrapping of financial aid to SC, ST students in TISS


    Statement Against the arbitrary note by Registrar (TISS) deciding to discontinue DH and Hostel to eligible GoI-PMS SC/ST students “Lack of education leads to lack of wisdom, which leads to lack of morals, which leads to lack of progress, which leads to lack of money, which leads to the oppression of the lower …