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Demonetization or the Struggle for Our Most Sublime of Commons!

syam modi

  Georgy Kuruvila Roy What if the real tragedy of the demonetization drive is not our wait for the introduction and regular circulation of new notes so that our life can go back to normal, but the terrifying realization that such notes are going to change the form of money exchange? Doesn’t Paytm’s ad-line ‘Atm …


Uniform Civil Code or the Struggle for Our Commons

khap syam

  Georgy Kuruvila Roy Doesn’t the form in which the current debate on Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is taking place, make the implementation of the UCC an urgent concern? In other words, the UCC is required precisely to do away with the vilification of Muslims (or any community for that matter) that the present debate …


Workers of The World Unite- but those in Somalia & Attapadi stay back for we are Mallus

pomonemodi 1

  Georgy Kuruvila Roy It seems like the dust has settled upon the Modi’s Somalia remarks. But still an uneasy feeling continues to haunt us. It is as if something is still rotting after the competition is over and the winner was pronounced. The smell seems so strong that one is forced to look for …


Why is Our engagement a positive one

syam dalit

Georgy Kuruvila Roy Oppression or freedom?  One should ask a very pertinent question to anyone who claims to be a representative of a movement or a theoretical discourse: do you believe in it because you base yourself on oppression or you base yourself on freedom? This question is pertinent because the answer can lead to …


From Chuni Kotal to Ruma Das: The price of Bengal’s casteist education system

rd 14

  Drishadwati Bargi & Georgy Kuruvila Roy  The recruitment of candidates under the West Bengal School Service Commission has always been tampered with political interference. Irrespective of political colour, the ruling party has always been perceived as giving undue favours to its members/supporters, often in blatant disregard of constitutional rules or morals or the socio-economic predicament …