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Movies and People of Theatre and Music in the life of Dr. Ambedkar

Dr. SPVA Sairam            Many books and articles have been written on the emancipatory deeds of Dr. Ambedkar that touched the lives of millions, but very little information is available, at least in English, about the private life of Babasaheb. In this article, I will explore an exciting aspect of his …


Dr. Ambedkar and the Question of Caste Identity

spva sairam

Dr. SPVA Sairam In India, caste is the major form of identity that dictates every walk of life, from womb to tomb. This article aims to deal with the question of caste identity of Scheduled Castes through the lens of Dr. Ambedkar. Broadly speaking, there are two aspects to this question of Caste Identity. Firstly, …


Dr. Ambedkar and Sayajirao Gaikwad: The relationship that made history

The tale of two interviews Dr. SPVA Sairam I] The Interview of Sayajirao Gaikwad by Maharani Jamnabai In the year 1870, Malharrao Gaikwad ascended the throne of Baroda after the death of his brother Maharaja Khanderao [1828-1870] and in a very short span, he had drawn the wrath of  both the masses and the British …


Jotiba Phule and Dr. Ambedkar: Understanding their connection

Jotiba Phule and Dr.Ambedkar: Understanding their connection (Part-I) Speaking on the occasion of his Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Dr. Ambedkar remarked:  “I am a devotee of Gautam Buddha, Kabir and Mahatma Phule and worshiper of learning, self-respect and character.” [1] Out of his three gurus, he had explicitly written about his connection with Buddha and Kabir. …