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Why did Dalit become the mascot for the caste system?


  Gaurav Somwanshi  This piece is in continuation with its previous part, the fourth question in a series of seven, but it can be read independently too. This is going to be the longest question to attempt an answer.   4. You can only be destroyed by believing that you really are what the white world calls …


Learning from Ambedkar: Who’s really standing with the Dalits now?

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  Nilesh Kumar “The reason for their anger is very simple. Your behaving on par with them insults them”.~ Dr. Ambedkar Recent history The University of Hyderabad (UOH) student Mr. Rohith Vemula (26), PhD scholar committed suicide on 17th January 2016. Hailing from Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, Rohith came from a marginalized poor Dalit …


No More Student Suicides, No More Caste Discrimination, No More Dropouts

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  Forum Against Caste Discrimination in Education Acknowledging the widespread caste discrimination prevalent across the Indian campuses and in solidarity with the ongoing protest by Dalit, Adivasi and Backward caste students of the School of Germanic Studies, The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, more than 200 students, teachers and professionals from across the country …


Caste Discrimination in Higher Educational Institutions: A public lecture by Prof. Mungekar

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United Dalit Students’ Forum (UDSF), JNU Invites You To ‘Caste Discrimination in Higher Educational Institutions‘ A public lecture by Prof. B. L. Mungekar & Screening of ‘The Death of Merit‘ (A Documentary on Dalit Students’ Suicides in Higher Educational Institutions)  Date : 26 September, 2012 (Wed) Time : 5 pm Venue : SSS –I Committee …


The Death of Merit: Failure of India’s Premier Educational Institutions


Gurinder Singh Azad Is it embedded hatred within elite institutes and their students and faculty against reserved category students, or it is merely coincidence, that of the students committing suicide in the premier institutes of this nation, the number belonging to the reserved category students is much higher? Once again, it is AIIMS that finds …


The ‘Death of Merit’ and a debate on caste discrimination in educational institutions

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[ A Round Table India report ] Hyderabad, Aug, 07, 2011: The National Dalit Forum organized a screening of the ‘Death of Merit’ documentaries by the Insight Foundation, followed by a discussion on the suicides of Dalit students in institutions of higher education and on caste discrimination in campuses, today in the morning at Dr. …