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Dalitbahujan Renaissance

Arigay Ramaswamy and his Struggle for uniting Dalits

chandraiah gopani new 2021

  Dr. Chandraiah Gopani The concept of emancipation is occupied a central theme for Dalit movements and politics both in colonial and post-colonial period. There were organic leaders among Dalits during Nizam period from 1906 to 1953. The period between 1906-1953 was crucial for vibrant Dalit activities and autonomous assertions in Hyderabad state. Although Nizam …


Conceptualisation and Misconceptualisation of the Dalit Movement in the 21st Century

  Dr. Hawaldar Bharti By the end of the second decade of the 21stcentury, the perception that the end of the Dalit movement is here seems to be getting stronger. It is observed that this conception about the decline of the Dalit movement is being spread. Likewise, the perception is spreading among the general public …


Ambedkarite Movement after Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and contribution of Bahujan Women

sheetal kamble

  Sheetal Kamble (The text of her speech ‘Ambedkarite Movement after Dr. Babashaeb Ambedkar and the contribution of Dalit-Bahujan Women’ at IIT Mumbai. It was the Second Lecture in ‘The Savitribai Phule – Fatima Sheikh Lecture Series’ and was organized by Ambedkarite Students Collective, IIT Mumbai on 18th April, 2019.) I would like to thank the Ambedkarite …


वे अपनी आंखों में समानता स्वतंत्रता का नीला सपना लिए चले थे

anita bharti

  अनिता भारती (Anita Bharti) ओम प्रकाश वाल्मीकि जी को याद करते हुए हमने अपनी समूची घृणा को/ पारदर्शी पत्‍तों में लपेटकर/ ठूँठे वृक्ष की नंगी टहनियों पर टाँग दिया है/ताकि आने वाले समय में/ ताज़े लहू से महकती सड़कों पर/ नंगे पाँव दौड़ते सख़्त चेहरों वाले साँवले बच्‍चे/ देख सकें कर सकें प्‍यार/दुश्‍मनों के बच्‍चों में/ अतीत …


आज़ाद भारत में डॉ. अंबेडकर का विस्तार – साहेब कांशी राम

Satvendra Madara

साहेब कांशी राम के जीवन पर एक संक्षिप्त रेखाचित्र Satvendar Madara (सतविंदर मदारा) भारत में बहुजन इंक़लाब लाने वाले साहब कांशी राम का जन्म 15 मार्च 1934 को उनके नैनिहाल गाँव पिरथी पुर बुंगा साहिब, जिला रोपड़, पंजाब में हुआ था, उनका अपना पैतृक गाँव खुआसपुर, जिला रोपड़ (अब रूपनगर), पंजाब था। उनके पिता का …


Pandit Patwardhan’s Jai Bhim Comrade: A Case Study in Brahminism


  Dhurwa R. Anand Patwardhan’s Jai Bhim Comrade is one of the best examples of how brahminical powerplay makes a farce out of the most hard fought battles put up by Dalits, and does that rather patronizingly. Before I even watched the film, the title itself (and the media hype with one of its first …


Labelling the Dalit movement as identity politics is a major contradiction

jay prakash faqir 1

  Jay Prakash Faqir Historian Aditya Mukherjee in one of his essays has accused western historians like Eric Hobsbawm of being Eurocentric. He finds Hobsbawm’s characterization of the 20th century as an Age of Extremes to be an ill-informed opinion as far as Asia and the Asian perspective are concerned. And no doubt, his opinion …


Ambedkar does not need to be rescued – II

nilesh kumar 3

  Nilesh Kumar Continued from here. On 25th December, 1927, Ambedkar along with his Brahmin and Muslim colleagues (who donated land to conduct the ceremony) burned ‘manusmirti’ at the hands of Bapusahib Sahastrabuddhe. Will the RSS or the Brahmins, who Ambedkar called the natural leaders of the Hindus, be able to digest that the manusmriti …


Of Rohith and Yashica: Dalit Movement at a Crossroads?

narendra arya

Dr. Narendra Kumar Arya While the nation is aflame and furious, against the inhumane persecution caused by brahminical system prevalent in our public institutions leading to the suicide of Rohith Vemula, the coverage of Yashica Dutt’s revelations as a Dalit journalist has also been given importance (in NDTV, BBC Hindi, Indian Express, The Huffington Post …