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What is Caste discrimination in Kerala Christianity?

Vinil Paul The study of the historical background and socio-cultural aspects of Christians in Kerala, boasting a lineage spanning centuries, constitutes a significant domain of investigation for academic scholars in the field of social sciences. Christians are divided among numerous denominations in Kerala, distinguished from each other by ecclesiastical authorities, historical context, and differences in …


Being Dalit, Being Christian: The dilemmas of carrying these identities

Sumeet Samos Growing up in a small village in South Odisha in a Christian family, there were regular prayer meetings in our house and Sunday services in a nearby church, and my parents would always emphasize the teachings of the Bible and ask us to remember the verses from the Bible for our everyday lives. …


Tired of Democracy?

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by  GAIL OMVEDT Why are such masses of people (apparently: in our village some came out for a morcha organized by the Maharashtra Navnirman Samiti) following Anna Hazare, when it is now clear that his Lokpal is an authoritarian, centralized and undemocratically pushed proposal? Several articles, including those by Arundhati Roy and Aruna Roy, have …