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United by Brahmanwad: Ravish Kumar and Kanhaiya Kumar

ritu and vikash

  Vikash Kumar & Ritu The so-called famous youth leader Kanhaiya Kumar got his fame from the 9th February 2016 incidence of JNU. He was the then president of JNUSU. In 2016 it was said that the innocent Kanhaiya has been forcefully dragged into fabricated controversies and the left-liberal media showed a sympathetic attitude towards him. …


JNU student leader resigns from AISF, CPI

jayant jigyasu

  Jayant Jigyasu Resignation from the Primary Membership of AISF and CPI, and renunciation of the post of Secretary-JNU Unit Sudhakar Reddy ji,General Secretary,Communist Party of India. Dear comradeRed Salute! The foundation of our organisation AISF and the Communist Party of India are based on certain core values and people-centric policies. It is our fundamental …


Why JNU can Ill-afford to ignore Rahul Punaram Sonpimple

rahul bapsa

   Jyotirmoy Talukdar Come Wednesday night, Jawaharlal Nehru University in the country’s capital will witness another session of the much awaited presidential debates. If the analyses and estimations from last year’s elections – which said that Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech swept all the floating votes toward his favour – are anything to go by, the night …