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The socialist in Dr. Ambedkar

Mrinal Kumar Socialism is a widely prevalent idea across the globe. Leaders saw the dream of a society where equality really exists and social production will go under the ownership of the government for public welfare. The world witnessed great socialists e.g. Karl Marx, Rosa Luxemburg and Friedrich Engels. Socialism became a global phenomenon by …


Are Jignesh Mevani and his left allies ignorant of Ambedkarite politics?

vinod kumar 1

  Vinod Kumar Dr. B. R. Ambedkar was an economist, a fact which has been neglected by Indian academia, as well as not recognised by the left liberal intellectuals of this country. During the freedom movement, Ambedkar’s academic contribution was not only intellectual, but also a fight against the unjust colonial economic arrangement which was …


The revolution is a tea party for the Indian left

Nidhin connecting thread

  Kuffir Sitaram Yechury’s concerns have been consistently strange: do the communists in India really stand for the working classes? Who do they stand for, which class do they represent exactly? On Aadhaar, Yechury said recently: “Goalposts constantly shifted on making Aadhaar mandatory. From passing it as a money bill to violating SC’s orders, this …


Wherever Caste exists in the World, Ambedkar and Marx will remain Irreconcilable

manisha bangar

  Dr Manisha Bangar NVP BAMCEF In India, and wherever in the world Caste exists, Ambedkar and Marx will remain Irreconcilable. Starting from the happenings in Hyderabad Central University in August 2015 when the students of ASA were ostracized, more so from the time of the Institutional murder of Rohith Vemula in January 2016, from …


Workers of The World Unite- but those in Somalia & Attapadi stay back for we are Mallus

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  Georgy Kuruvila Roy It seems like the dust has settled upon the Modi’s Somalia remarks. But still an uneasy feeling continues to haunt us. It is as if something is still rotting after the competition is over and the winner was pronounced. The smell seems so strong that one is forced to look for …