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Movies and People of Theatre and Music in the life of Dr. Ambedkar

Dr. SPVA Sairam            Many books and articles have been written on the emancipatory deeds of Dr. Ambedkar that touched the lives of millions, but very little information is available, at least in English, about the private life of Babasaheb. In this article, I will explore an exciting aspect of his …


Sociopolitical Economy of The Kerala Story

Brahmanism and Politics of Production of Muslimophobia – I Bobby Kunhu This is the first of a two-part series of examples of the production of Muslimophobia in India and its hegemonic linkages. The second part is here.  “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned …


Dalit Policing and Policing Dalits: A Shift in Hindi cinema

Snehashish Das There has been a new shift in Hindi cinema recently. It is not just to acknowledge caste in their films, but in featuring Dalit characters, as cops. Back-to-back, two films and a web series, Bheed, Kathal and Dahaad – released in cinemas (Bheed), on Netflix (Kathal), and on Amazon Prime (Dahaad)- have Dalit …


‘Matto Ki Saikil’: How there’s no hope for Dalits in upper caste cinema

neeraj bunker 2020

Neeraj Bunkar Cinema is being refined in many ways due to the rapid technological advancements and emergence of other platforms for disseminating film messages. However, in the visual cultural space, this approach of modernism, liberalism, and assigning assertive agency to characters is only limited to ‘upper caste’ characters but not to Dalit characters. Aside from …


Asura in Postmodern Times

dr y srinivasa rao @ bangalore

Dr. Y. Srinivasa Rao Nagas or Dravidians, the first migrant communities in India, are mythicised as Asuras or demons in a socio-political conspiracy of Aryan Brahmins. The word ‘Asura’ has many synonymous words such as Rakshasa, Rakshasi, Shankini, Dakini, Yakshi and Pisachi. Some of these have acquired everydayness as words of abuse and insult. Rakshasi …


On ‘Jai Bhim’: How can individuals be seen as beacons of hope?


  Anshul Kumar “The assertion by the individual of his own opinions and beliefs, his own independence and interest as over against group standards, group authority and group interests is the beginning of all reform. But whether the reform will continue depends upon what scope the group affords for such individual assertion. If the group is tolerant and …