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Help a Dalit poet complete his education

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  Application For CROWD-FUNDING Through MILAAP Please make your donations here.  I am a Dalit poet writing in the English language for about ten years and I have been offered admission for MA Creative Writing (Full time), Poetry at University of East Anglia, UK- one of the most prestigious creative writing programs in the UK. …


When Caliban weds Miranda: `Discovering English’ in the poetry of S.Chandramohan


Umar Nizar “No, not a single letter is seen On my race So many histories are seen On so many races” –Poykayil Appachan (Tr: Ajay Sekher) English is the unacknowledged Creole of the world. Chandramohan, the Indian English poet, uses the colonial patois to craft an intergenerational dialogue with the Malayali social reformer Poykayil Appachan. …


Embracing my Dalit-hood while rejoicing in accomplishments

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  Chandramohan S During the award ceremony of M. Harish Govind Prize, many asked me why I need a “Dalit Poet” labeling. They were shocked that there were just a handful of Dalit poets who write in English and have registered their visibility. The English literary gathering seems to be so ignorant of the girth …


We need to critique traditionalist values: Dr. Ajay Sekher talks to Chandramohan

dr. ajay sekher receiving award

  Chandramohan.S Dr. Ajay Sekher, writer, translator, artist and Assistant Professor of English at S S University of Sanskrit (Tirur Centre) received the ‘Aadiyar Deepam’ award recently. In this conversation with the young poet Chandramohan.S, he talks about the award, his writing, research and translations.    Chandramohan: Please enlighten us about this award. Ajay Sekher: …