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Akkitham’s Jnanpith: No genocide without poetry


  Umar Nizar The most political of India’s literary awards, the Jnanpith has went to a chip off the old feudal coconut block, Akkitham Achuthan Nambudiri. This was long predicted, even before CAB was a twinkle in the right wing eye. Akkitham is one of those rarities in the right wing intelligentsia that he has …


End of Subjectivity, Post humanism and Islam in the Context of CAB

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  Umar Nizar ”It is possible that new rites of purification and cleansing will follow. Even new laws and decrees will be passed. One might be subjected to sweet brutal sermons, immemorial obligations of duty, abhorrent images of profanation. One might even become the target of a convoluted double-game …. a Great Transgression to extract …


An Enquiry Beyond Citizenship Amendment Bill


  Veewon Thokchom  The question of migrant population in the “Northeast” – Land of the rising sun, Land of festivals, Scotland of the East, Jewel of India – has always remained elusive in the popular discourse of the country, just as the question of occupation in Kashmir – a Paradise on Earth. These artfully contrived …