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Poverty and Malnutrition in Odisha: Who is responsible?


  Bansidhar Deep Indira Gandhi used the “Garibi Hatao” rhetoric to defend her contempt for constitutional morality, while the present BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) government uses the rhetoric of “Sabka Vikas” and “Shreshth Bharat” to adopt the same cynical approach (Suhas Palshikar, Indian Express July 15, 2016). There was a time when India, after independence, …


Blood under Saffron: The myth of Dalit-Muslim confrontation

raju solanki 1

  Raju Solanki    Raju Solanki is an activist and poet based in Gujarat. This is the second part of his notes on Gujarat, the state of Dalits, minorities and other marginalized sections under Moditva (please read the first part here). This part of his notes exposes the hollowness of the myth of Dalit-Muslim confrontation …