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Caste Census as an Exercise to Consolidate Hindu Majority, the other way round

Anshul Kumar “The Census of India has over a number of decades ceased to be an operation in demography. It has become a political affair. Every community seems to be attempting to artificially argument its numbers at the cost of some other community for the sake of capturing greater and greater degree of political power …


आज़ाद भारत में डॉ. अंबेडकर का विस्तार – साहेब कांशी राम

Satvendra Madara

साहेब कांशी राम के जीवन पर एक संक्षिप्त रेखाचित्र Satvendar Madara (सतविंदर मदारा) भारत में बहुजन इंक़लाब लाने वाले साहब कांशी राम का जन्म 15 मार्च 1934 को उनके नैनिहाल गाँव पिरथी पुर बुंगा साहिब, जिला रोपड़, पंजाब में हुआ था, उनका अपना पैतृक गाँव खुआसपुर, जिला रोपड़ (अब रूपनगर), पंजाब था। उनके पिता का …


Janeu, The Cat’s Cradle


Gopal Guru (First published in Outlook magazine in March 2009) Brahmins are fashioning new political rhetoric from old stereotypes Let me begin this piece with a dramatic question: what are Brahmins doing in political parties? Let me make it even more dramatic: what are they doing in non-Brahmin, Dalit or Dalit-led parties? If these questions …