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Systematic Dismantling of Social Justice & Equity in Higher Education by the Modi Government

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Dr. Magilan Karthikeyan In the Indian union of states, the Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs) are considered the most socially and educationally disadvantaged groups among the other disadvantaged sections, namely other backward castes (OBCs) and religious minorities.1 Despite several policy interventions, the number of OBC/SC/ST/Minority students enrolled in higher education continues to remain …


In Gujarat, there’s a conflict between Mahajan culture and Bahujan culture: Raju Solanki

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  Round Table India In this episode of the Ambedkar Age series, Round Table India talks to Raju Solanki, writer, poet and activist based in Ahmedabad. Interviewed by: KuffirCamera and editing: Ahmedabad Talkies In the interview, Rajubhai traces the roots of the Mahajan vs Bahujan conflict in Gujarat. He explains the growth of the Mahajan …


Patel agitation and the rationale behind SC/ST reservations

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  Sthabir Khora The patel agitation has reignited the anti-reservationists. The anti-reservationists thrive on popular, superfluous, ahistorical arguments about merit, justice and the state. The demand by well-off communities like Patels, Jats and others has created a sort of desert storm – that everyone deserves reservation. I will take up the following principal ahistorical arguments …