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Gail Omvedt and Bharat Patankar Documentary Film Promo


  Somnath Waghmare   Title of the film – Gail and Bharat Direction and Camera – Somnath Waghmare Editor- Deepu (Pardeep KP) Promo Editor – Shreemith N   Watch the film’s promo here: {youtube}t1CPxb8J8qk{/youtube}   For years, the mainstream media and academia in India have completely overlooked the struggles and agency of the Dalit-Bahujan people. …


आज़ाद भारत में डॉ. अंबेडकर का विस्तार – साहेब कांशी राम

Satvendra Madara

साहेब कांशी राम के जीवन पर एक संक्षिप्त रेखाचित्र Satvendar Madara (सतविंदर मदारा) भारत में बहुजन इंक़लाब लाने वाले साहब कांशी राम का जन्म 15 मार्च 1934 को उनके नैनिहाल गाँव पिरथी पुर बुंगा साहिब, जिला रोपड़, पंजाब में हुआ था, उनका अपना पैतृक गाँव खुआसपुर, जिला रोपड़ (अब रूपनगर), पंजाब था। उनके पिता का …


LTTE and the Annihilation of Caste

athithan jayapalan

  Athithan Jayapalan As far as Eelam Tamil politics are concerned, caste is a contentious issue. Broadly speaking, two trends can be observed in discussions of caste and casteism in Eelam Tamil society. One tends to overlook any debate on the pernicious ramifications that caste had and continues to have on Eelam Tamil society. The …


Arundhati Roy’s introduction to AoC is a tactical, brahminical trick

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  Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes Veteran political activist U. Sambashiva Rao was one of the key speakers at the ‘Democratic Debate on Appropriation of Ambedkar’s Writings’ held on 10th April 2014, in Hyderabad. U. Sambashiva Rao, who is Chairman of the BC Mahajana Sangham, has played an active part in many people’s movements – …


Upper caste uprising

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By Chandra Bhan Prasad Hazare’s movement used symbols that were non-Dalit Recently, a foreign correspondent from a well-known publication wanted to know what I thought about Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement. He was accompanied by his Indian colleague. He had done his home work, and asked me to the point question. One of his question’s was …