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Does Arundhati Roy have any other qualification than her stardom?

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  [This interview with Sunny M. Kapicadu appeared first in the online Malayalam portal Utharakalam on April 17, 2014. He was interviewed by Dr O. K. Santhosh, Assistant Professor, University of Madras. Sunny M. Kapicadu is one of the most prominent Dalit activists and intellectuals in Kerala. He has been active in all the subaltern protests …


Condemn JNU Administration’s Crackdown on Students

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Condemn JNU Administration’s Crackdown on Anoop, Anand, Abhay, Kusum Appeal to all progressive forces to unite for the fight against draconian laws that curb the democratic space & freedom to choice of food. Expose the Brahmanical ‘egoism’ and superiority complex of DSU. The New Materialists Expose the JNU Administration, Judiciary, Media and RSS nexus We …


Unite and Fight for the Democratic Right to Choice of Food


[The ‘Committee for Democratic Right to Choice of Food’ (CDRCF) on the restraints imposed on the Beef and Pork festival in JNU and the crackdown by the administration on the students– Round Table India] CDRCF Friends, we condemn the crackdown by the JNU Administration on students who voiced their opinion for the availability of food …