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Zinda Ho…?

Shubham Kamble

Shubham S. Kamble What does it mean to be alive? It means having life, not being dead or inanimate. I believe it is not enough to live. There are numerous factors that have an impact on life and determine the living path. The basic needs that are required for a good livelihood are food, clothing, …


The incompatibility of RSS-BJP’s agenda with the idea of India: A Zero Hour prognosis

salman farissi

Salman Farissi In 2019, when BJP won with a bigger majority than ever before, the minorities of the country, especially religious minorities, were not only disappointed but deeply distressed. While they pondered their prospects, followers of the hardcore right-wing, sycophants of Hindutva ideology, were celebrating and contemplating making their idea of Hindu-Rashtra a reality. Before …