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God qua Impotent Witness: Geoffrey Hill’s “Ovid in the Third Reich”

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Anilkumar PV   non peccat, quaecumque potest peccasse negare, solaque famosam culpa professa facit. —(Amores, III, xiv) I love my work and my children. God Is distant, difficult. Things happen. Too near the ancient troughs of blood Innocence is no earthly weapon. I have learned one thing: not to look down So much on the …


“Dalits have been waiting for 200 years for justice, another 20 years won’t matter”

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  Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes Today, August 6th, marks the 23rd anniversary of Tsunduru massacre of Dalits in Andhra Pradesh. When the case finally reached the Andhra Pradesh High Court, all the accused (including those who had been convicted by the lower court) were acquitted on April 22, 2014. Several Dalit and human rights …