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Are the Hindutva leaders ready to debate the state of Dalits?

abhay kumar

  Abhay Kumar With the UP Assembly Elections (2017) drawing closer, the Hindutva leaders have started shedding tears for Dalits. Weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement in which he said that one may attack him but not his Dalit brothers, BJP National Executive Member Sanjay Paswan wrote an opinion piece in The Indian Express …


If it’s the Oppressed, it’s Identity Politics, but if it’s you, it’s a Talent Show!

rajesh chandra kumar

  Rajesh Chandra Kumar It is not whether we win or lose. The main thing is that we had to show our presence in the so- called progressive institution of JNU with the slogan of our forefathers –Jai Birsa, Jai Phule and Jai Bhim. This time, the opposition feared BAPSA, and salute to BAPSA for …


Dalit Revolution and Hindutva Counter Revolution in Indian Politics

hindutva hourglass

  Dr. N. Sukumar [The author mailed this article to The Hindu newspaper in order to continue the dialogue on the Dalit Movement as the argument first appeared in this paper. Unfortunately, even after forty eight hours, there was no response from the paper. Obviously, only ‘certain’ ideas are entertained as ‘meritorious’ by our ‘progressive’ …