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The Ambedkar Bhavan Issue

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  Vaibhav Wasnik “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal forthe government but illegal for the citizenry” ~ Thomas Jefferson Recently, an issue that has hit at the very crux of Ambedkarite consciousness across Maharashtra (and parts of India) has been the destruction of Ambedkar Bhavan located at Dadar. This has resulted in a …


Havells fans new ad fouls the air: Withdraw it!

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  Read the reactions to the new, disgusting Havells Fans’ television commercial (featured below) on social media, compiled by Vinay Shende. Go ahead and read. But first file a complaint against the advertisement with the Advertising Standards Council of India as directed in the first update – Round Table India {youtube}63qLsZl8emg{/youtube} Vinay Shende Appealing to …


Roy-Navayana project: The critique so far


  We have put together, for our readers’ convenience, this compilation of all the articles which have appeared on Round Table India so far (some more are yet to be published) on the Roy-Navayana project of appropriation of Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Annihilation of Caste. The articles have been listed in chronological order, with short excerpts from each article. …


The Question of Free Speech

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  Vaibhav Wasnik The question of human civilization is always about the question of power. The question of control is incomplete unless the dynamic of control of the thought processes of a society is addressed, hence the adage ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. The meaning of rights such as the right of free …


Response to ‘Notion Of Freedom And Reality Of Unfreedom’ by Anand Teltumbde


Vaibhav Wasnik [The article ‘Notion of Freedom And Reality Of Unfreedom’ by Anand Teltumbde can be found here. Vaibhav’s response expresses a belief in electoral democracy and the transformative potential of the Indian constitution. Round Table India shall continue to welcome all shades of Dalit and Bahujan opinion] The article by Mr Teltumbde starts off with …


A Lokpal Critique

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by Vaibhav Wasnik The following is a collection of points from online debates that I have been part of, consolidated as an article. That corruption is a problem in India or most developing economies is not anybody’s secret. But the rampant misusing of the power of suggestion by a “corporations” backed media to counter the …