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Khairlanji massacre protests 2006: Remembering the outrage of Ambedkarite youth


  Pranali Garud Caste is a disease that affects people of India in different ways. It treats its victims differently from its beneficiaries, but the preamble of the constitution of India endorses an undifferentiated fraternity. Though we are all Indians, caste does not allow us to live with the single identity of being Indian. You …


Caste atrocity in Lathor: Over 50 Dalit homes burnt by upper castes


  Jadumanilion Boudha & Dhammachari Ratnakumar An incident involving a small boy led to horrific caste violence in Lathor, Balangir district of Odisha, leaving 50 Dalit families homeless and destitute. On January 22, 2012, at around 3.00pm, Ganesh Suna, a 9th class dalit boy went to a shop to buy a new shirt, which he …