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Romancing the Caste Violence

development genocide

  Dr. N. Sukumar Mr. Venkaiah Naidu in the Indian Express dated 1st May 2017 (Romancing the Maoists) took umbrage at the human rights activists maintaining silence over the killing of security forces in Chhatisgarh. Violence in any form needs to be condemned. But why is the Honourable Minister so selective in condeming violence? It …



savarna avarana women

  Vruttant Manwatkar रसिक-रोमानी दिन है आएँहंगामे का ‘फैशन’ लाएँ.“अभिव्यक्ति की आज़ादी दो!”जीने का हक़ भाड़ में जाये. क्रांति दम्भ में लाल जवानीरंग, उत्सव में बदलती है. आज भी जब जब चौराहे परअवर्ण औरत जलती है.


EVM is Killing India’s Democracy

armchair intellectuals

  S Kumar   Election process is the sacred soul of a democracy. After India’s independence, voting rights were granted to all the adults irrespective of caste, creed, gender, religion etc., without any discrimination. Earlier the voting process were done using paper based ballots. The election process gradually became more prone to manipulation with violence …


सत्य, सत्याग्रह, शूद्र, दलित और भारतीय नैतिकता

fast unto refast

  संजय जोठे (Sanjay Jothe) सामाजिक राजनीतिक आन्दोलनों में एक लंबे समय से “आत्मपीड़क सत्याग्रह” प्रचलन में बने हुए हैं. ऐसे भूख हड़ताल, उपोषण, आमरण अनशन जैसे तरीकों से समाज के एक बड़े वर्ग को झकझोरने में सफलता भी मिलती आई है. ये तकनीकें और “टूल” सफल भी रहे हैं और उनकी सफलताओं से जन्मी …


Dalit Capitalism and Dalits in Businesses: Learning from Facts and Black experiences

sankalp jayant

  Sankalp Jayant On December 29th, 2015, DICCI (Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry), on its tenth anniversary, organised  ‘National Conference for SC/ST Entrepreneurs’ to boost entrepreneurship among young Dalits. Previously, DICCI had taken the initiative of setting up an Entrepreneur Incubation Centre and a Venture Capital fund to promote SC/ST entrepreneurs. Chandra Bhan Prasad, …


Renaming as Humiliation

libraries in delhi

  Jadumani Mahanand In JNU, many a times, an Ambedkarite cannot make out any difference between the Left, Right and Centre, which means one observes striking similarities among them. Because of the so-called Modi “wave”, the ABVP in JNU is trying to play politics by renaming the library, convention centre and stadium grounds after B. …