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The Sudra Zombie and the Brahmin Vampire

Umar Nizar The allegation that was levelled against Socrates was that of corrupting the young. Similarly present day philosophers such as Zizek and Badiou has a huge following among the youth. But there are controversially radical figures like Jordan Peterson who dehumanises victims of violence, who also attract the minds of the young in large …


Brahmanical unconscious and contemporary art

Umar Nizar There is a poignant moment in the i-flux edition brought out by Sage publications, in which the art work titled `Hallelujah Fallujah’  by Anita Dube is `misprinted’ as `Hallelujah Hallelujah’. This is the apotheosis of contemporary art, where a truly radical artistic ploy has been `unconsciously’ or `unintentionally’ reduced to an onomastic caricature with …


Indian Ethical Thought And Its Discontents: Shenanigans Of The Great International Shashi Tharoor

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  Umar Nizarudeen I am also surprised at the praise for this book from a sensible social science scholar like Neera Chandhoke, in another review. Caste-blind scholarship which draws a quick distinction between Hinduism and Hindutva is forcing the Congress of Rahul Gandhi to own Hinduism, as a strategy to bring the Congress back to …