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Transcending Thiruvananthapuram

  Umar Nizar Nearing Thiruvananthapuram, the road bends, entering the city, as a vein enters the heart. The bus moves along the curve with its load of human destinies. People nap inside, in the secure snugness of their seats. For those who are awake, it seems like an age. The tarmac is slipping away under …


Dalit Upsurge and the Politics of Land – Chalo Thiruvananthapuram!

mrudula sasidharan

  S. Mrudaladevi The invader-friend can write or say anything about despotism, authoritarianism or anarchy experienced by the oppressed. It is part of his cunning effort to mask the exploitation of the subjugated class. When this masked friend warns us of being oppressed by the exploiters, he becomes dearer to the oppressor. In this process, …