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Why are the Debates on Menstrual Taboo One-sided?


   T. Sowjanya In a nutshell, the answer is, the views expressed in the online protests are of women belonging to a particular set of social groups! This is a response to the recent online protest against the taboos on menstruation in Indian society launched by some students and middle class, educated men, and women. …


Death of Merit or Merit of Death

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  T. Sowjanya “I came here through reservations and I sustain myself through the political solidarity of my dalit community!” is my firm answer to questions such as “Are you a dalit?” “Do you belong to category?” “Do you have any reservation?” These are the questions any dalit invariably faces one time or the other at …


Dalits and Inter-Caste Marriage


  T. Sowjanya (This article is extracted from one of my research papers) Is the personal, political?  Perhaps, we don’t disagree with this radical viewpoint of feminism i.e. personal is political. If this is so, then personal choices are also political in nature. Therefore, there is no personal arena into which academic research cannot penetrate. …


Have savarna feminists rejected markers of caste and patriarchy?


  T. Sowjanya A dalit woman colleague of mine came to the university campus wearing a mangalsutra one day and this forms the context for my discussion. An upper-caste feminist professor was a little inquisitive about the reason for wearing the mangalsutra. In a lighter mood, the dalit woman professor responded, “My parents-in-law came to …