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Manifestation of Power Dynamics in Higher Educational Institutions during the Pandemic

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  Annesha Mukherjee, Satyaki Dasgupta and K Chandra Shekar The outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020 saw a number of reports highlighting the plight of students in the country because administrations of higher educational institutions asked them to vacate their hostels. In this light, we conducted a survey among students in September using Google …


Caste and access to public spaces: A field study in Suburban Mumbai

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  Vanshree Vankar In India, the historical context of oppression through occupation has given birth to social stratification via caste culture which includes notions of purity and impurity. This brutal history of thousands of years of discrimination restricts the utility of public space in ways both physical and psychological. In turn, these constraints on the …


Caste, Family, Self: Savarna Christian Perspectives

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Nidhin Shobhana (This is a short report on a self-perception survey conducted among Young Syrian Christians as a part the author’s MPhil Coursework in Centre for Studies in Discrimination and Exclusion, JNU) What is the value of a perception survey? The Mandal Commission in its ‘socio-educational’ household survey asked the participants the following question— Do …


Buddhism and Politics in Uttar Pradesh: Recent Developments


  Shiv Shankar Das Abstract: The present research note highlights the relationship and the reasons behind the association between the lower caste politics and Buddhism in Uttar Pradesh, the most populated state in India next only to China, United States, Brazil and Russia. There are three reasons behind this association. First, the currently ruling Bahujan Samaj Party’s founder …