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Eklavya and Karna: An Understanding of Discrimination against Marginalised in Indian Education System


Ritu Mahabharata and Ramayana are considered as the biggest epics (Mahakavya) of India. These are back in popular discussion with the reruns of their TV serials on Doordarshan amid the Covid-19 crisis. Those who have access to television are watching the serials with great interest as shown by the rising TRPs of Doordarshan. Coming to …


Violence in the name of Protection: A Bahujan Transman on the Transgender Bill 2018

transgender bill 2018

  Vihaan V Recently, I appeared for the NET/JRF exam. While entering the NET Centre the Security person and the representatives from University Grants Commission (UGC) asked me to remove my jacket. I am a transman who has a lot of dysphoria and am not comfortable with my body. Hence, I cannot be without my …


When Equality is Denied, Everything is Denied

rajini krish

  Periyar Bhim Vemula Another Dalit scholar has committed suicide, this time in Jawaharlal Nehru University. Muthukrishnan (27), a self-made student, who travelled all the way to Delhi from Salem was pushed to this state by this society, this empire called India. What are the reasons for his suicide? Muthukrishnan had written a small post …


Dalit MPhil Scholar Attacked by SFI Hooligans at MG University Kottayam

vivek letter

  C Ahamed Fayiz A Dalit MPhil scholar has been brutally assaulted by SFI activists at Mahathma Gandhi University, Kottayam Campus. Vivek Kumaran from Kalady, who is a research student at School of Gandhian Thoughts was violently attacked and is now admitted at the surgical section of Kottayam Medical College, said Gandhi Nagar SI M.G …


Ambedkar helped me embrace the ‘emotional’ within the rational

akhil kang

  Akhil Kang I think I have lost count of the number of times I have felt immensely guilty of getting what I have got because of my caste. I remember sitting in my university classes, people looking directly at my face and saying ‘some lower castes’ individuals do not deserve to be here, because …


Cultural Fascism and the Death of the Republic

nido taniam

  Shailaja Menon and N Sukumar “It takes years of “political, social, economic and human degradation to create a terrorist”. So “fighting terror can only succeed by rehumanising degraded societies, by undoing, one by one, the many individual acts of repression, obstruction, denial, marginalisation and autocracy.”  ~ Rami Khouri, Jordan. Many eons ago, the Films …


Condemn JNU Administration’s Crackdown on Students

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Condemn JNU Administration’s Crackdown on Anoop, Anand, Abhay, Kusum Appeal to all progressive forces to unite for the fight against draconian laws that curb the democratic space & freedom to choice of food. Expose the Brahmanical ‘egoism’ and superiority complex of DSU. The New Materialists Expose the JNU Administration, Judiciary, Media and RSS nexus We …